At Om Nibbles we offer tasty, natural treats and nibbles ‘Made for You & the Planet too’ with 100% natural ingredients in their purest form without anything artificial added. Our products are lovingly crafted & wrapped by us in Dublin, Ireland using amazing earth friendly home compostable packaging. We have carefully selected ingredients for our ‘Tasty Natural Treats’ to ensure they are full of pure, natural goodness and so they are a perfect guilt-free snack to enjoy at home, in school lunches, at work, or on the go. We also provide a growing range of wholefood ingredients and eco products for you to stock up on plastic free and all our products are available in wonderful home compostable packaging; promoting simple easy alternatives for a healthy, vibrant, minimum waste lifestyle.

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Our name ~ Om Nibbles ~ stems from a belief in the power of nature to unite body, mind & soul, and is inspired by 'Om ॐ', an ancient sacred sound known to bring harmony & peace when resonated. 'Om' signifies nature's cyclical ability to Create, Flourish and Recycle. Just like our products which are created from the wonderful flavours & goodness of nature, packed full of nutrients, and wrapped in earth friendly home compostable packaging which will return the earth to nourish the soil for new growth.

About us
& how our
Om Nibbles
story began…

Hi there, we’re Jamuna & Sanatan, partners in love, business and… well most things really. We love all forms of crafts, DIY projects, and we really believe in the importance of following a low impact, environmentally friendly approach to everything we do. Our love for DIY has lead us to all sorts of adventures and along the way we’ve noticed how easy it is to lose track of your health when immersed in a task. We were finding that this often lead towards us grabbing the nearest sugary snack wrapped in plastic to keep us going throughout the day due to our busy lifestyle which left no time for healthy, mindful food preparation.

We slowly started to switch our food choices to healthier options such as energy bars, dried fruits, nuts, etc. However, we kept finding hidden so-called “natural” flavourings that were not actually listed and, on further research, most often found to be nowhere near as natural as we would like. We disliked the hidden nature of these flavouring additions. We also felt awful about the amount of plastic packaging we were accumulating for the convenience of having them available to us on the go and were amazed by how difficult it was to find healthy options in compostable packaging.

Therefore, we were keen to take on the challenge of creating our own premium fully natural snacks and treats that would taste better than any we could buy, but be full of pure, natural, plant-based ingredients and, as a result, packed full of the nourishing goodness of nature. We had fun trying out different flavours and OmNibbles soon became our go-to pick-me-up for a convenient, healthy and satisfying snack that tasted good without any of the guilt. Once we developed a few go-to flavours of Om Nibbles treats, we were determined to find a compostable packaging solution to make them last longer and also make them easily transportable when out and about.

And so, after months of researching for a suitable and affordable option, we eventually worked out a way to use fully compostable packaging for our OmNibbles treats and can now package other products such as dried fruit, nuts, seeds, spices, etc. in this same fantastic compostable packaging which is suitable for home garden & industrial composting. We are now really keen to make our Om Nibbles pure natural tasty treats available to our wider community and have lots of plans to grow our range of zero waste, natural products in the near future…so watch this space, natural goodness awaits.

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